Rhode Island Promise

  • State: Rhode Island
  • Coverage: Statewide
  • Status: Active
  • Institution Type: 2 - year
  • Funding: first dollar
  • Year(s): 2017
  • Funding Source: public
  • Matriculation Age: recent high school graduates only
  • Semester(s) Covered: four semesters

School(s): The Community College of Rhode Island

With the Rhode Island (RI) Promise, all RI high school graduates can choose to pursue an associate degree at the Community College of Rhode Island for four semesters tuition free, regardless of their family income. Students need to be RI residents enrolled full-time. The Promise will pay for two years tuition and mandatory fees at CCRI. The above information is taken from the Program’s website.

Program Links

  • Address:
    560 Jefferson Blvd. Suite 100
  • Warwick, RI 02886
  • United States
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    (401) 736-1170

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