“I want to be a specialist in pediatrics.” - Providence third grader.

How Providence Promise Is Building A College-Going Culture

By Madalyn Ciampi This was previously posted on Forbes.com. As the College Promise movement continues to gain momentum throughout the country, local leaders recognize they must provide more than just funding to make higher education accessible to all students. In Providence, Rhode Island, our Providence Promise is helping families open and build savings in 529 College Savings […]

High school students from Long Beach tour a college campus.

Five Numbers That Show The Impact Free College Can Have

By Andra Armstrong and Matt Caffrey This was previously posted on Forbes.com. Over the past few years, over 200 communities and 16 states have taken a bold move with little fanfare. More and more regions are expanding access to higher education through College Promise programs that cover the cost of tuition for students. And these […]

A student leader, Kien co-founded a student club called Unity Through Diversity, which organized the “Spread the Love Project” to raise funds to provide food and school supplies for over 200 Vietnamese and orphans.

Community College Opens Doors To The American Dream

By Kien Truong This was previously posted on Forbes.com In Vietnam, my parents never had the opportunity to go school beyond third grade. However, they believed that getting an education was the only way to escape poverty. So, in 2014, just after I finished my junior year in high school, my family and I immigrated to […]

South Seattle College viticulture students testing wine samples in the lab.

This Is College

This was previously posted on Forbes.com By Karina Lopez When people think of college, they may picture a movie scene in a typical quad, library, or classroom. But college offers more beyond these traditional images. College provides opportunities for students to engage in areas of study they might not expect, programs leading to certifications and […]

Six states have run free, or “Promise,” programs for over a decade, but the Obama administration’s focus on free community college and the launch of the Tennessee Promise in 2014 spurred another nine states to pursue a program.

Two Rules For State Legislators Debating Free College

This post was previously published on Forbes.com. One of the fastest-moving higher education debates in state legislatures centers around whether to create a “free college” program. Six states have run free, or “Promise,” programs for over a decade, but the Obama administration’s focus on free community college and the launch of the Tennessee Promise in 2014 spurred another nine […]

Why College Promise? Responding To The Nation’s Workforce And Education Challenges

This was previously posted on Forbes.com. By Andra Armstrong and Matt Caffrey April is National Community College Month. Each week, the College Promise Campaign is celebrating with a different theme to showcase why we need free community college, what varied opportunities are available at community colleges, and how College Promise programs are already making a […]

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Help Celebrate National Community College Month

Join the College Promise Campaign in celebrating National Community College Month. Throughout the month, we will celebrate community colleges and the College Promise programs that expand access to them for so many hardworking students. Here’s our plan for April: Week 1: April 2-6th is “Why College Promise” week. We’ll be sharing some of the nation’s […]

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Baltimore County Builds A College Promise

By Dr. Sandra L. Kurtinitis and Kevin Kamenetz Gabby, a student at Loch Raven High School in Baltimore County, has big hopes and dreams. She’s a textbook college candidate with good grades and strong extracurricular involvement. She stands out in her role as an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America and has […]

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Tuition Costs Shouldn’t Leave Students Sick Or Hungry

By Joseline Garcia, President of the United States Student Association My college experience wasn’t like what you see in the movies. To put myself through school at UC Santa Barbara, I worked the night shifts at In & Out. My parents work hard, but their income from gardening and housekeeping just wasn’t enough to support […]

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Non-Traditional Student Success in San Francisco

By Dr. Lillian E. Marrujo-Duck, Dean of Instruction at City College of San Francisco I come from a family that is blended in several ways. My mother was a single, 16-year-old high school dropout when I was born. A few months later she married my Dad, a Vietnam veteran who raised me as his own. He used […]

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