California College Promise Project – The College Promise Guidebook for California and Beyond

Released by the California College Promise Project and WestEd, with the support of the College Futures Foundation, the College Promise Guidebook provides step-by-step guidance to teams who are developing, strengthening, or expanding a College Promise program.  The Guidebook is organized into three sections that cover topics ranging from framing your program to evaluating and implementing […]

May 8, 2019 – Hispanic Serving Institutions & College Promise Program

The College Promise Campaign has released a landscape crosswalk of existing programs supporting Latino students. Of the 523 Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) across the nation, 172 of those institutions are currently participating in College Promise programs. The College Promise seeks to make higher education more accessible and affordable for students while also providing supports that increase […]

April 24, 2019 – Statewide Promise Status Update

The College Promise Campaign has released a status update on statewide programs engaged in the free college movement, highlighting the 24 states that have actively passed and taken steps to implement a statewide College Promise program. These statewide programs reflect the bipartisan nature of a movement intended to both bolster the American talent pipeline and […]

2019 Student Video Competition: Unlocking the American Dream

The College Promise Campaign, with support from Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, is launching its 2019 Student Video Competition! The goal of this competition is to celebrate diversity in the student experience. Specifically, we want to hear about what college has meant to you, and how it has opened doors to new opportunities in your life. We ask […]

College Promise In California

By Dr. Mary Rauner, a Senior Research Associate at WestEd This was originally posted on Forbes. College Promise programs are growing steadily across the country. The size, scope, and structure of these programs vary, but they all aim to help students get the education they need without taking on unmanageable student debt. Nowhere has that […]

What We Know About The Free College Movement

By Emily Lin This was originally posted on Forbes. Recently, Brookings Institute hosted a discussion on “The Future of Free College” with panelists Dr. Martha Kanter, Dr. Zakiya Smith Ellis, Dr. Douglas Harris, and Dr. Beth Akers on the national landscape of the research and policy of the free college movement and its future. The nature of […]

From Iraq To Ivy League

By: Kristopher Goldsmith This post was originally published on Forbes. I did not begin dreaming of going to college until I was nineteen years old, carrying an M-4 rifle, patrolling the war-torn streets of Sadr City, Baghdad. It was 2005, just two years after I had graduated from Mepham High School on Long Island. That’s […]

Three Community College Opportunities That Will Surprise You

As a mathematician, my job is to notice patterns. What I’ve noticed about college students is that their success has less to do with IQ and more to do with digging deeper into their college experience. Community college is no exception. While community colleges may best be known as a way to get the skills […]

How Free College Can Advance Equity In America

By: Katie Berger This post was originally posted on Forbes More than ever, a postsecondary education is necessary for a securing job that pays a living wage. However, college affordability remains a key barrier for too many Americans, including those who stand to benefit most from earning a degree. The increasingly inaccurately named “non-traditional” students […]

Here’s How I Transferred To Yale From A California Community College

By: Nune Garipian This post was originally published on Forbes Sitting in a room of community members, the president and senior community college administrators, and student leaders, I added the final touches to my college application. It was my typical Thursday evening at Pasadena City College (PCC), which began with a full-time schedule of classes […]

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