The Green Wood Promise

  • State: South Carolina
  • Coverage: Greenwood Districts 50, 51, 52
  • Status: Active
  • Institution Type: 2 - year
  • Funding: last dollar
  • Year(s): 2017
  • Funding Source: public-private
  • Matriculation Age: recent high school graduates only
  • Semester(s) Covered: four semesters

School(s): Piedmont Technical College

The Greenwood Promise is a place-based last-dollar scholarship program designed to reach beyond the boundaries of economic need and academic ability. As such, the Promise awards funds to offset the remaining balance of postsecondary tuition and mandatory fees for every high school graduate whose primary residence is zoned for Districts 50, 51 or 52 in Greenwood County, South Carolina. The current first phase offers tuition assistance for students to obtain a certificate, diploma, or associates degree from Piedmont Technical College (PTC) or one of the other SC technical colleges if a particular major is not offered at PTC. Eventually, the program will implement phase 2 and 3 of the promise. Phase 2 covers the last two years of a postsecondary education at Lander University or another state-supported institution if the desired degree is not offered at Lander. Phase 3 covers all four years of a bachelor’s degree. The above information is taken from the Program’s website.

Program Links

  • Address:
    620 N. Emerald Road, P.O. Box 1467
  • Greenwood, SC 29648
  • United States
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    (864) 388-1250

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