MCC Future Fund

  • State: Arizona
  • Coverage: Mohave County
  • Status: Active
  • Institution Type: 2 - year
  • Funding: last dollar
  • Year(s): 2016
  • Funding Source: public
  • Matriculation Age: recent high school graduates and non traditional students
  • Semester(s) Covered: more than four semesters

School(s): Mohave Community College

The “MCC Future Fund” is a program to help Mohave County residents pay for their education at Mohave Community College. It operates as a last-dollar-in program to cover full tuition and standard fees for students who qualify. As long as students continue to fulfill the requirements for the fund, they can renew for a total of five years or until completion of their first degree or certificate, whichever comes first. The MCC Future Fund is offered to both new high school graduates as well as continuing students if all criteria are met. Students may qualify for up to 5 years of funding or completion of their degree or certificate program.

  • Address:
    1971 Jagerson Ave
  • Kingman, AZ 86409
  • United States
  • Email:
  • Phone:

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