Helping More Minority Students Get To Community College

By Maya White. Maya White is a graduate student at The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, pursuing a MPS in Legislative Affairs. This fall, she worked as the Outreach and Advocacy fellow for the College Promise Campaign. This post was previously posted on Far too few minority students pursue or complete […]

From Community College To The White House (And Back Again!)

By James Schuelke, Senior Director of Advocacy & Engagement for the College Promise Campaign. This post was previously posted on From the White House to an Ivy League campus, I’ve been fortunate to spend time in some remarkable places—but none more so than a community college classroom. As a proud community college graduate, I […]

Achieving my Dreams Thanks to Cuesta Promise!

  By Brittney Tierney I was born and raised on a small three-acre farm in Atascadero, California, where every square inch was used for livestock. Coming from a rural community and being homeschooled all my life, community college helped my family a great deal. In fact, my two older sisters attended our local campus, Cuesta College, […]

Only Good News On Free Community College

By Missy Godfrey, CEO of Only Good News LLC This post was previously posted on Higher education is a goal for most students, but given the high costs, it is a dream that many cannot afford. That’s why a growing number of cities and states are delivering free community college through “College Promise” programs. These […]

A Lifetime Long Beach Student Benefits From Free College

By Dominique Vera I’ve been a student in Long Beach, California from start to finish, all the way from pre-K to college. I’d like to think the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach College Promise have helped me complete my entire educational journey. As a student at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, I was […]

One Family’s Free Community College Story

By Arturo & Yuliana Aguirre The Ventura College Promise was the first Promise program in California! It is a commitment to recent high school graduates that they will attend their first year at Ventura College free of tuition and fees. The Ventura College Promise has made a huge impact in people’s lives, particularly the Aguirre family. […]

My immigrant story: from community college to Harvard

My name is Gillian – I am a first generation college student and I will be attending Harvard for my Master’s this Fall. Without community college, I would not be where I am today. My parents never attended college; my mom didn’t even go to high school. My parents believed in the importance of education, […]

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