Achieving my Dreams Thanks to Cuesta Promise!

  By Brittney Tierney I was born and raised on a small three-acre farm in Atascadero, California, where every square inch was used for livestock. Coming from a rural community and being homeschooled all my life, community college helped my family a great deal. In fact, my two older sisters attended our local campus, Cuesta College, […]

Dr. Jill Biden Praises California’s Passage of Free Community College

Dr. Jill Biden, the Honorary Chair of the College Promise Campaign  National Advisory Board, applauds California’s passage of legislation providing one year of free community college for new students. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed Assembly Bill 19 into law on Friday, establishing the California Promise, which will cover tuition and fees for first-time students to […]

Annual Report 2016-2017

The College Promise Campaign Annual Report celebrates the tremendous growth in College Promise programs in the second year since the Campaign launched. Through communications, advocacy, leadership development, cross-sector engagement, and research, the Campaign has encouraged a national movement in communities and states to make a community college education within reach for eligible hardworking students seeking to complete a […]

Keep the College Promise

By Matt Gandal, Opinion Contributor This post was previously posted on US News and World Report  Free college. It’s now a reality for high school graduates in New York and Rhode Island, which recently joined Tennessee, Oregon, Minnesota and more than 200 communities in instituting “college promise” programs to help any high school graduate who qualifies pay for college. […]

Community College: The Underpinning Success Of So Many Americans

By Charles Lee, Policy Fellow for The College Promise Campaign This post was previously posted on I was youngest of nine siblings growing up, each of us with high hopes and ambitions. The idea of going to college was a common pipe dream, but one that was often cut short by unfortunate realities. My childhood […]

Fund At Contra Costa College: Helping Students Finish School

By Sara Marcellino, Development Officer for the Contra Costa College Foundation, is a guest contributor for the College Promise Campaign This post was previously posted on A college education is an increasingly critical piece of becoming part of the American middle class. It is often noted that by 2020 65% of jobs in the United States […]

Social Enterprise CEO Discusses Value Of Accessible Higher Ed

By Andra Armstrong, Senior Strategist This post was previously posted on As the founder and CEO of the social enterprise Dobility, Dr. Christopher Robert employs a growing staff of professionals in locations spread across four continents. When he is sorting through applications, he says certain applicants stand out: community college alumni. That’s because he knows […]

Design Sustainable Funding for College Promise

College promise programs are spreading throughout this United States. These programs fund tuition and/or fees for eligible students who are actively progressing toward earning postsecondary certificates and undergraduate degrees. While existing college promise programs have varying designs, each one appears to be seeking continuous and long-term financial sustainability. The existing programs appear to be aimed […]

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